Danubius International Conference Centre

Welcome to Danubius International Conference Centre (Danubius ICC) on the campus of Danubius University. Serving as a meeting place and being the leading host venue for academic meetings, exhibitions, symposia and other events in Galați (Romania), Danubius ICC gives you everything you need for a successful event in one location. Danubius ICC offers an extensive portfolio of academic venues, which can be hired for all kinds of functions.  

The success of any event is in the planning.

We have created what we believe to be one of the premier conference and event facilities on a university campus in Romania. The dedicated professionals working at Danubius ICC have many years of experience in planning, organizing and facilitating a variety of conferences and special events. In its over 5 years of successful operation, Danubius ICC has earned the reputation of a world-class venue for a wide diversity of events ranging in scope from local business meetings, trade shows, trade fairs and exhibitions, to international conferences and symposia.

With its experienced Conference Team which is available to help with the detailed planning of any conference and event, flexible meeting facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and optimum technology, design and functionality, Danubius ICC is definitely the ideal setting for organizing your event.

We can offer you:

  • A wide selection of conference and event facilities;
  • We’re open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week;
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms that can  comfortably accommodate up to 300 people;
  • State-of-the-art technology, including video conferencing facilities, data projectors, laptops, wifi, screens, etc;
  • We can assist you for support services like: activity and catering suppliers, planning, dissemination and publicity for your event, photography and videos of the event, event website hosting on the Danubius ICC portal, etc.;
  • We have free car parking;
  • We strive to make every event a complete success.

If you need any further information or would like to come and view the Danubius ICC in person or to check the availability of our rooms, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to contact the Conferences and Events Office by e-mail (conferences@univ-danubius.ro; rectorat@univ-danubius.ro), phone (+4.0372.361.102) or fax (+4.0372.361.290), to arrange a viewing of the Danubius ICC or to discuss your particular requirements. In the Conferences and Events Office, Ana-Iuliana Mihai (Coordinator of Danubius ICC) is happy to help.

Please fill out the Booking Form to confirm your request here at Danubius ICC. Once submitted, you will be contacted by a representative of the Danubius International Conference Centre with written confirmation.

The office is open: Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

EMAN Conference on Social Responsibility and Sustainability Accounting-Key Corporate Performance Drivers and Measures

The Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network (EMAN) in association with Danubius University of Galati are pleased to announce the 22nd EMAN conference on Social responsibility and sustainability accounting – Key corporate performance drivers and measures.

In 2018 the EMAN conference will take place in Galati, Romania from June 21st to June 22nd. The city of Galati is situated on the banks of Danube River, close to the Danube Delta in the South-Eastern part of Romania.

The conference addresses issues regarding social responsibility and sustainability accounting. In the context of the sustainable development our focus will be on the key corporate performance drivers and measures. 

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit scientific papers with their analyses (concepts and theoretical analyses), practical experiences (case studies and empirical analyses) or proposition for a round table/practitioners’ workshops.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings. You are not required to submit a full paper. If you wish to develop your extended abstract to a full paper, you can submit the full paper after the conference to one of several associated special issues. The calls for special issues will be available on the website prior to the conference.

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EIRP International Conference

The central theme of the EIRP series of events focuses on the EU integration. The participants, academics and researchers, meet yearly, during the second decade of May, in order to exchange information and to conceptually debate the EU integration, its effects on the European citizens, key statistical facts on major European policy areas, the European Union progress, etc. The purpose of the Annual International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas, research outcomes, business case and technical achievements. The subjects of mutual interest debated during the previous editions of the EIRP Conference Series included, but were not limited to: government debt, world trade, environment, migration, information society, dependency on energy imports, etc. 

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The Danube – Axis of European Identity

The central theme of this series of events focuses on the Danubian scientific research. The participants, academics and researchers, meet yearly, on the International Danube Day (June 29), in order to exchange information and to conceptually debate the wide range of Danubian issues. The purpose of the Annual International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity  is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and research outcomes on themes such as: Danubian Economy, River Law, Europeism, Communication, Local Communities, Danubian History and Mentality.

Mobilizing experts from different fields, The Conference regards interdisciplinarity as a goal of university research.

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GAUC Conference

The Global Advancement of Universities and Colleges (GAUC) is committed to education without borders as the cardinal foundation for preparing global citizens and leaders. GAUC promotes transnational cooperation and collaboration among colleges and universities, excellence in global education and research, and integration of the global community of scholars. Through its emphasis on relationship-building, GAUC provides a platform for leveraging participating institutions' unique strengths across the globe.

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Sesiunea de Comunicări Ştiinţifice pentru Studenţi Integrare Europeană - Realităţi şi Perspective

Universitatea „Danubius” din Galaţi, în colaborare cu Liga Studenţilor „Danubius”  şi Asociaţia ALUMNI „Danubius” organizează, în data de 22 mai 2013, a VIII-a ediţie a Sesiunii de Comunicări Ştiinţifice pentru Studenţi „Integrare Europeană - Realităţi şi Perspective”.

Lucrările susţinute vor fi evaluate în cadrul secţiunilor tematice:

-           Drept

-           Ştiinţe economice

-           Comunicare şi Relaţii Internaţionale.

Pentru fiecare secţiune, cele mai bune lucrări vor fi premiate.

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The central theme of this series of events focuses on the process of regionalization. The participants, academics and researchers, have met in order to exchange information and to conceptually debate the process of regionalization, its effects on the European citizens, key statistical facts on major European policy areas, the European Union progress but also the issues that remain. The Conference constitutes a major contribution to the advancement of practical and theoretical ideas absolutely necessary in a national and international context still changing and whose development is often difficult to predict through its immediate consequences.


Tema centrală a acestei serii de evenimente se concentrează pe regionalizare. Participanţii, cadre didactice universitare şi cercetători s-au reunit, în scopul de a face schimb de informaţii şi a dezbate conceptul de regionalizare, efectele sale asupra cetăţenilor europeni, fapte statistice cheie, pe domenii majore ale politicii europene şi căile de ameliorare a șocurilor pe care le incumbă un act de o asemenea complexitate. Conferința constituie o contribuţie majoră la progresul ideilor teoretice şi practice absolut necesare într-un context național şi internațional încă mobil şi a cărei evoluție este adesea greu previzibilă prin consecințele ei imediate.

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Annual Postgraduate Students' International Scientific Conference

“Danubius” University of Galati organizes the series of the international session dedicated to the scientific creation of master students.

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STUD-COMP-IMM Workshop Series

The series of workshops wants to identify and quantify the financial impact of economic policies on the SME sector to enhance competitiveness, economic growth and human capital effectively capitalize on local and regional sustainable development perspective.

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UNI4-4 Workshop Series

The UNI4-4 workshop series aims at transferring good practices in the collection, analysis and monitoring of vocational needs and the transfer of methodologies and tools which can be used by a territorial Observatory on the development dynamics and on their consequences on vocational needs.

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Rolul avocatului în înfăptuirea actului de justiţie

 Evenimentul se încadrează în programul de pregătire continuă a avocaţilor, stabilit de  Congresul avocaţilor,  potrivit Hotărârii nr. 14/21 iunie 2008

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International Conference on Internationalization of Quality Assurance and Management of Higher Education 2009 (ICIQA)

The Sixth International Conference on "Internationalization of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education" is a continuation of the series of conferences and seminars organized through the support of IREX (International Research and Exchange Board, the USA) in 2003 - 2007.

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Sesiuni de informare „Antreprenoriatul este o alternativă de carieră”

Prin aceste sesiuni de informare, studenţi din Universitatea Danubius vor beneficia de pregătire, prin cursuri şi seminarii, pentru  realizarea Planului de Afaceri, a Finanţării şi Promovării pe piaţă a unei afaceri. Aceste acţiuni au rolul de a dezvolta spiritul inovativ al persoanelor tinere (şi nu numai) privind în iniţierea de noi activităţi independente, în cadrul campaniei de informare „Antreprenoriatul este o alternativă de carieră".

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