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Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

Brief Glossary Of Terms In The Matter Of The Right Of Communications And Information Technology
Angelica Staicu, Georgian Dan
From The Jurisprudence Of The European Court Of Justice In The Matter Of Information Technology And Copyright
Angelica Staicu, Georgian Dan

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

Comparative study of access control methods in enterprise information systems, based on RBAC, ABAC, and TBAC policies
Marcel Danilescu

International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy

The “Renew Europe” Political Group in the European Parliament: A Home for New Parties
Lucian Dirdala

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Imagining the behavioural scenarios in the discourse of publicity bank brochures- a persuasion mechanism.
Huțu Elena-Tatiana Dâlcu- Năstase

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

Pedagogical Management
Grigore Gică Dacian, Manuela Carmen Panaitescu (Bogariu)
Role-based e-learning vs. eService-Learning– modern educational approaches based on mobile and social 21st-century technologies
Laura Danilescu